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Just like everything else at Core Culture, we do things differently, and our retreats are no exception.

Forget all you know about health retreats, and get ready to immerse yourself in all that is Core Culture...

Strap yourself in for pilates, cooking classes, meditation and breath-work sessions, delicious food, relaxation and rejuvenation, luxury, a few wines and cocktails along the way, and a whole lot of fun.

We are anything but your typical retreat In-fact, we couldn't be further from it.

Next Immersion


OCTOBER 5-11th, 2024

Experience 6 nights of full-body wellness, manifestation, DNA upgrades, nutritional meals, body treatments and luxury.

Already KNOW that you want in? Reserve your spot pre-release.





Nothing is as powerful, expansive, or transformational as when you spend a week with like-minded people and feel seen, loved, and respected for your desires.

Most people (particularly women) spend their lives wanting to be seen for their desires. By not ever feeling this way, it subconsciously holds them back from feeling safe to go after what they want. We so often 'pour from an empty cup', and it is important to refill that cup so we have the capacity to give, but still have something left for ourselves. 

After running a successful retreat in October of 2023, it is time to double capacity, to bring you an immersion like no other. Core Culture Escapes are all about encapsulating the epitome of Core Culture; luxury, inclusivity, abundance, community, and giving back to one's-self.

What makes this different to any other 'health retreat' on the market? 


Throughout your Core Culture Escape, we will ensure you have a week that 'does it all'. Your Itinerary has been meticulously curated to ensure the ultimate week of balance. You will experience the perfect blend of daily Pilates with Indi, energetic practices with leaders in their respective fields, to shift old habits and generate upgrades, allowing new habits and thought processes. You will receive daily treatments and massages for deep relaxation, organic and nutritionally balanced, nourishing meals, that have been sourced from local farmers, and connection with like-minded people. We blend these practices with plenty of lightheartedness and fun so that you don't leave feeling like you have had a 'heavy week' of emotional work. It truly is the 'Ying and Yang' of immersions - the epitome of Core Culture.

Core Culture Immersions are a cut-above-the-rest because your every need will be anticipated to ensure you have the opportunity to make your time, what you would like it to be. 


It's an Immersive Experience 

This isn’t just a retreat. This is an immersion. This experience allows you to step away from the environment and same-old days to shift your body into a new state. Often we need to completely revolutionise our outer world to change our inner world and this week will do just that. 

This is the chance for you to give your higher/next level self, 7 days to develop so that you can walk out of the Estate as your new self. Being immersed for 7 days allows you to have the deepest transformation because you are, in a sense, disconnected from the outside world that can sometimes slow down your progress.

You will leave this immersion feeling completely rejuvinated, re-invigorated, inspired, and, potentially, with a new sense of how you want to approach your day-to-day life. 


We understand that investing this much money into yourself can be scary! However, this truly is just that, an investment, in yourself. This week will allow you to reset, relax, and unlock parts of yourself that you haven't seen before, or have been missing for awhile (mums, we're talking to you!).


Payment plans will be available upon launch. 

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