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POV: You have your period... you're tired, a bit spacey (can't remember what you said 10 minutes ago? Feels.), low in energy, and feeling less than motivated... did we mention feeling unbalanced? Oh, babe, that lack of balance and coordination will get you.

Often the last thing any of us feel like doing is exercise during this week. However, there are actually SO many reasons why you should! Exercise creates those 'feel-good' hormones we all know and love, endorphins (say hello to a pick-me-up during what is often a rather emotional week...), and helps to increase energy levels. During exercise, the increase in blood circulation across the entire body, particularly the pelvic area, will also help to alleviate headaches, backaches, and cramping often associated with menstruation.

While there are many reasons to exercise while menstruating, not all exercise is created equal. It is important to keep exercise at a light-to-moderate level during this period (pun intended...).


Pilates is your jackpot during this week of each month. Low impact with a moderate increase in heart rate, combined with lengthening and stretching, is the perfect cocktail to get those feel-good hormones flowing. On the heaviest day (or two) of your flow, we suggest you jump into the Back-to-Basics classes. You can take it slower, and as there are significantly fewer balancing challenges in these programs, so you won't be so concerned about toppling over while you are off in la-la-land (thankyou period brain!).

Anecdotal evidence (a.k.a in Indi's opinion), reformer pilates also makes you feel like a hot- boss-b*tch... and quite frankly, during the week of your period, that never goes astray.

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