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Today I’m sitting down with Sas (aka the one that teaches your classes, responds to your emails, makes sure you have cold towels, and fixes anything that comes our way!) to ask her a few quick q’s. Sas brings so much energy and light to our studios, and her classes are ALWAYS full of spice… something i’m sure you’re all becoming well acquainted with.

Sas has over 5 years of experience in group fitness, personal training, mat and reformer pilates, and I am honestly so inspired by her passion and love for training.

Enjoy this read my loves.

Indi xx

Describe yourself in 3 words.

I would say I am bubbly, motivated and energised.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got started working in the pilates space?

I was always very athletic growing up which stuck with me as I graduated school. After 1 semester of studying a bachelor of nursing at UTS, I went through what I called a ‘mid life crisis’ at the ripe old age of 19. I was confused and overwhelmed with what direction I wanted to take with my studies and ultimately, my life.

I enrolled in a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science that begun the following year, which meant I took the rest of the year off. For the 6 months I was not at University, I began my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness with the hope of running group fitness classes and one on one personal training sessions.

Jump to around 2 and a half years later in the middle of COVID, Indi came home and said she had trademarked the business name ‘Core Culture’, where the 10 months of arguing that ‘Pilates has nothing on weights training’ begun. Throughout this time, Indi not only showed me the benefits of low impact exercise training, but showed me that the brand of CC was going to be something pretty special. So like everyone… I became addicted, stopped arguing as it lacked any sort of credibility (excluding sports specific training), and started working in the office.

Not long after, I began my Reformer Pilates Certification through Barre Body and stepped down from a role as head trainer at the gym I was working at. I threw myself into being ‘a Pilates Girlie’ as Indi and I call it, and now here we are!

What do you love most about being a Core Culture trainer?

The culture (genius foreshadowing by Indi when calling it Core CULTURE) of course! I love the clients, the positive energy, they luxurious space and everything in between. I love working with likeminded girls that are supportive of each other and band together when someone needs a cover.

And if you weren’t a Pilates teacher/fitness trainer, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

I’ve always loved the idea of real estate… but the bougee side of real estate… Selling Sunset vibes. I love beautiful homes and the attention to detail across a build and the interior. While I wish I had the eye for it, I don’t believe I do. So, Pilates it is!!

What does a day in the life of Sas look like?

Core Culture, in the car driving to Newport, taking classes, Core Culture and more Core Culture.

Between running classes, you will find me at the office with Indi tapping away at the laptop, creating content, making calls, replying to emails and drinking coffee!

Where can we find you on the weekend?

CC! Currently taking Saturday and Sunday mornings at Wahroonga. When I am not at the studio I catch up with friends and family. Love going out for dinner + drinks and spending time at the beach (particularly Bilgola).

What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

Stop trying to plan your life out so far in advanced. Things change, circumstances change, the people around you change and YOU CHANGE! I couldn’t imagine being a midwife now and I was so set on doing that through school. I think planning and setting goals is extremely important and a key to success in life. However, I wish I didn’t waste so much time trying to plan out each and every year of my life (yes, I did actually try to do this). Have goals, put measures in place to reach them but remain versatile and adaptable.

CC Quickie:
Your coffee order?

Almond cap ½ equal (2023 resolution is to remove equal… so far failing)

Next destination on your travel bucket list?

Norway!! I am going on a huge Europe trip this year which ticks a few buckets list places, but Norway takes number 1!

Favourite CC Class Style?

Hmmm Core Sweat or Gentleman’s Club!

What are you reading or watching atm?

Books: I have just started ‘101 Essays that will change the way you think’ and ‘The Mountain is You’ will be the next! I have heard so many great things about both.

TV: I just finished watching ‘Wednesday’ which I really enjoyed and I am currently watching all of the old ‘Yes Theory’ YouTube videos that I missed from years ago. Highly recommend having a look at their videos!

Go-to activewear styling piece?

The BEST items to add to an activewear outfit- long socks, cute trainers and an oversized collared button up (unbuttoned of course) … you cannot convince me otherwise. The CC jacket looks pretty damn cute too!

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