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Introducing our newest series, Core Culture Around the World, where we interview friends of Core Culture about their recent travels and how they incorporate Core Culture into their holiday.

For our first post of the series, we chat to our very own Indi Carolan, who recently visited the Bali and Lombok.

Hey Indi, where have you recently travelled with Core Culture and where did you stay?

Bali and Lombok in Indonesia. They are two separate islands in Indonesia, which offer such different experiences! When in Bali, I stayed in Canggu (which has become WILDLY busy!) and when in Lombok I stayed in an area called Selong Belanak. Lombok is an up-and-coming area for tourists in Indonesia, and is just beautiful!

What are three things you took with you?

My pilates essentials! A mat, hand weights, booty bands and pilates ball. I also packed my Lahana swim (black staple kini - always!), my Monday Swimwear hat (a new fav!), and A LOT of sunscreen... I’m very fair! I think thats more than three things...? I don’t pack light!

What are your three favourite Core Culture workouts to do when you are away from home?

When I was in Indonesia, I spent a lot of time programming and filming new The Core Culture Residency , which is launching in the next fortnight! I have such a hectic schedule at home, so it was such a great time to be able to focus on it. Usually when travelling, I like to focus on short 20min workouts. Life is all about balance, and that means that I am not one to spend hours exercising while I’m away (or ever really...!).

What was your favourite post-movement nourishment?

Everything on the island was fresh, seasonal and nourishing which is my favourite way to refuel. Fresh seafood, salads and fruit smoothies were my go-tos. There were daily cocktails thrown in there too.. don’t get that confused! There is so many cafes to chose from in Canggu, its ALMOST overwhelming. Wherever you go there is amazing food.. the hardest part was deciding where! I found myself trying to decide where to go on the next Core Culture Retreat, only to realise there will be hundreds more options by the time we go in October so I’ll have to leave those decisions until its closer to the time I think!

What is your favourite way to unwind on holidays?

Spending time offline, lot’s of walking, swimming and plenty of Vitamin D and hydration. A big one for me this trip was actually spending time with my partner, Dan. Indonesia is an oasis for peace, time and space.

I found that massages were my go-to to find relaxation. Core Culture is a new business, and I have found it really hard to manage stress levels and learn to unwind. Truthfully, it took me almost the entire trip to relax fully (this may have had a lot to do with a new studio opening only days after I got back), but I did get there eventually and came back feeling SO refreshed. Indonesia is truly magical for relaxation.

We had massages at least 7/11 days.. some days we had two! As excessive as that sounds, it was a way to force me to not ’think’ and it was the ultimate relaxation vibes.

So, where to next?

Next stop is the GC in April, and then onto Hawaii in June! I can’t wait to film more The Residency content in various locations around the world, and to continue to spread the Core Culture magic!

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Jan 31, 2023

I love this !! 🤍

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